Gatorman Mercenary


Character Name: Gatsouli’tor
Gender: Male
Defining Characterstics: Khadoran Facial Tattoo, Thick Khadorian Accent
Weight: 500lbs
Height: 7’2
Archetype: Willweaver – Gifted
Race: Gatorman
Careers: Bokor / Gunmage
Player Name: Michael R

Total XP Earned: 0

PHY: 6, (racial max ?)
SPD: 5, (max ?)
STR: 6, (max ?)
AGI: 3, (max ?)
PRW: 4 ( max ?)
POI: 4 (max ?)
INT: 3 ( max ?)
ARC: 4 ( max ?)
PER: 2 (max ?)

Derived Stats
Willpower: 9
DEF: 10
ARM: 12 (PHY x 2 Gatorman passive without armor)
Initiative: 11
Commander Range: 3

Pistol: 1
Unarmed: 1
Detection: 1
Intimidation: 2

Damage Capacity
Physique: 6
Agility: 3
Intellect: 3

Benefits and Abilities
Imitative Power:
Gnawing Hunger:
Great Power:
Craft Rune:
Fast Reload:

Current Feat Points: 3

Ammo Belt(bandolier)
Magelock Pistol
Powder + 13 rounds (ML) (5 Brutal & 5 Acc)
Runeshot Casting Kit
White Direwolf Waterproof Cloak
White Robes w/ Red Trimming
Cane Sword
5 Days of Ration (MR)

Worn Armor


Rune Shot: Brutal, Accuracy, Thunderbolt -

Arcane Tradition of Caster: ??
Name: Bone Shaker
Cost: 2
Rang: 8
Pow: 12
Upkeep: N
Off: Y

Name: Grave Whispers
Cost: 1
Rang: Self
Upkeep: Y
Off: N

Permanent Injuries: None

Spoken Languages: Quor-gar, Khadoran

Religious Beliefs:

Money: 0g


45 Years, I have lived… 15 of those years in the blasted winters of Khador. Even though none of my people have ever liked the winters of their lands, I have grown accustomed to it. The first of the Khadorians that I had met with apparently liked me. My friend even made me a fine winter coat from a direwolf that I happened upon in my adventures in these lands. He gave me a shelter and food. These Khadorians truly know how to prepare fine meats even within the harsh winters. Especially for an appetite that my people possess.


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