Jaehaerys Pyremount

Exiled Warcaster of the Protectorate of Menoth


Character Name:
Defining Characterstics:
Player Name: Kai

Total XP Earned:

PHY:#, (racial max)
SPD: #, (max)
STR: #, (max)
AGI: #, (max)
PRW: #( max)
POI: #(max)
INT: #( max)
ARC: #( max)
PER: #(max)

Derived Stats
Willpower: PHY + INT
DEF: SPD + AGL + PER + racial modifier( if any), + equipment modifier
ARM: PHY stat + shield modifier( if any) + other modifiers
Commander Range: INT stat + command skill + ability modifiers

*Repeat the following line as neccesary for all skills)
Skill name: total skill value= parent set value + skill level

Damage Capacity
Physique: equal to PHY
Agility: equal to AGI
Intellect: equal to INT

Benefits and Abilities
*repeat as neccesary for all abilites/ benefits
Name: , description, page number to reference in rule book

Current Feat Points:

Gear( Inventory)
*repeat following line as neccesary for all gear items
Name of gear, description of benefits, page number for reference in rule book

Worn Armor( make sure to star the one you are actively using)
*Repeat as necessary for extra armors
Name: , description/ notes, SPD modifer, Def modifer, ARM modifer

*Repeat column as necceary for extra Mechankia

Mechankia Name
Normal Item being modified:
Rune Plate:


Arcane Tradition of Caster:
*repeat column for each spell
Cost: #
Rang: #
AoE: ##
Pow: #
Upkeep: Y/N
Off: Y/N

Permanent Injuries: Menoth cross brands on both hands, and chest

Spoken Languages:

Religious Beliefs: Menoth



From his early years Jaehaerys Pyremount saw the people of his nation to be nothing but sheep following blind shepherds. It was not the finest moment of his life when his family gave him to the clergy after showing some magical giftedness.

“A gift from Menoth” they called it, but Jaehaerys saw it as a chance to garner power, for himself.

He said the prayers, he did the rights, he undertook the training, but the day he was allowed to commune with his first warjack, as the menoth choir sang in the distance Jahaerys was only able to be levied awestruck as his warjack came to life spurred on by green fire, something he’d never seen before.

The clergy in charge of his service however weren’t as pleased to see the emerald flames.

Before he could even attempt to focus his will through the tremendous warmachine Jaehaerys was whisked away to stand before a quorum of clergy. They found him guilty of suspected apostasy( one specific clergymen claimed the green fire must have meant he’d partaken in some dark cryxian ritual selling his soul to Toruk the Dragonfather, Jaehaerys had to stiffle his laughter, he had thought of that).

But, since they could not find any concrete sins to condemn him for the head of the quorum decided the best think to do would be sending him on a quest to earn the favor of Menoth to turn his fire from the disgusting green fel, into the true born orange or red of Menoth’s true fiery glory.

And so his exile began.

Jaehaerys Pyremount

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