Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms

This the Information for the campaign currently called “Blood and Iron” a campaign that will follow a small party of adventures currently residing in central Immoren.

If you have been invited as a player please make your way to the character tab and follow the tempalte I have to make a profile page for your player character( note if you prepare a back up character they do not need to be in the character tab, unless you would like to have them as an NPC/ follower at my discretion).

This game will function similar to my main D&D group meaning there will be a sandbox with a meta plot for you all to be invovled in. I will not classify it as an “intrigue” style game, but it can be involved in players seek it out, but this will not be a game of nothing but combat. If you want to nothing but fight go find a Pathfinder game.

Can’t wait to see you soon at the gaming table, and don’t forget to have fun!

One last point of business this group will only ever meet at That Computer Store in Irmo to accommodate the combat system of this RPG.

Blood and Iron

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